Saturday, July 25, 2009

U Street is Loud, Move to Brightwood

Breaking News: The U Street Corridor is loud!* We had no idea.

Any neighborhood that can spontaneously break out and have the largest party in the city after the Presidential Election in 2008 is bound to be a hot spot for bars and clubs. Oh wait…the corridor already had these bars and clubs before people decided to move in. And now they complain about the noise. Love it.

We here in Brightwood have that nice mix of a blessing and a curse. Wise and I moved here in October of 2008 from Columbia Heights and couldn’t have been happier with the cute brick houses and proximity to Rock Creek Park…and that was it. Besides Brightwood Bistro, Safeway, Subway, Pizza Hut and the Carry Out we have no real local clubs or bars.

What I’m trying to say is don’t move into the local “hot spot” and then complain about the noise, crowds and activity**. Don’t want to relocate to the suburbs? Move uptown. Brightwood to be exact, even Petworth is still relatively silent, oh wait they have some cool developments going on so never mind.

*Comments not so funny on DCist.

**Hilariously realistic comments on Washington Post Article.

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  1. I moved to Brightwood after living on 17th St in Dupont Circle for years. Now I sleep peacefully, and cook at home.